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Flint craiglist

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So if your waiting for cute young man message me ;p What you accused me of you are twice crsiglist guilty of projecting your shit on to me. It just feels better sleeping with a chick then sleeping alone. NSA w4m waiting for a rod that drips precum, that turns me barbara lochrian so much.

Age: 27
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: I Ready Sex Meeting
City: Phenix City, Howard Township
Hair: Soft
Relation Type: Ladies Ready Dating For Married Men

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Let's see, trade a 56" TV for 17" TV Share on Twitter The Flint missed connection section on Craigslist is full of people trying make a connection with that special someone even though they roommate baton rouge no idea who they are.

All the details are spelled out in the add, explaining that it's about five years old and in working order, except there are four dead pixels on the screen. me with any non-ridiculous questions at the link below.

filnt I have been lucky enough to find that someone the old fashion "normal' way, through mutual friends and dating. But I understand that not everybody has that type of luck, or pimp playa skills. Take a look!

A few months ago when I listed a perfectly good used BlackBerry, someone asked me if I wanted criaglist trade it for a Nokia flip phone. I have a TV for sale. transexuales new york

With that being said I am on a mission to help as many Flint missed connections make connections as possible. You are the exception.

Apologies in craigoist if you are a Flint Craigslist user and you are actually capable of completing a transaction smoothly. Sounds like a deal.

The first caller asked, "What's wrong with it? Frustration seems to be the norm when I post something on the site.

Yesterday someone called to ask where I'm located.