Roselle Tea

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Details of product

*Clean and neat,tight and dried tea shape;strong heavy ,brisk and fresh taste

*Certificate:  QS,SC,Muslim

*Material:  Dried Chamomile

*Storage Condition:  Cool Dry Place

*Package:  Bag, Bottle, Box, Bulk, Cup, Gft Packing, Masan Jar,Sahet, Vacuum Pak



1.It has the functions of clearing heat and quenching thirst, helping digestion, diuresis and eliminating edema, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, nourishing beauty, eliminating hangover, promoting metabolism, cooling quenching thirst, invigorating spirit, eating and tasting, and inhibiting throat inflammation.

2.Often drink luo shenhua to conduce to reducing the total cholesterol value in human body blood and glycerine triglyceride value, achieve the effect that prevents and cure cardiovascular disease.

3.The vitamin C, elderberry triglycosides, citric acid and other nutrients contained in the flower are beneficial for regulating and balancing blood lipids, promoting calcium absorption, regulating and balancing blood lipids, and promoting calcium absorption.

5 reviews for Roselle Tea

  1. Thompson

    I feel better ever morning drinking the Roselle Tea

  2. Troy

    I enjoy the flavor of the tea so I take it every morning before leaving for work

  3. Enow

    I thought I could drink it cold but its preferable hot anyway.

  4. Herman

    my package came in just at the moment I started doubting. You are loyal and I appreciate

  5. Brazilian

    You can make roselle tea by steeping parts of the plant in boiling water, particularly the calyx. It has distinct maroon color along with sweet and tart flavor similar to that of cranberries. You can enjoy the tea both hot and cold depending on your preferences like most other teas.

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