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I Am Want Real Sex Sucking my friends dick

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Sucking my friends dick

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Out of gas Wednesday morning m4m Long shot here and can't believe I'm doing this. If you know what tumblr is. Maybe this could turn into something permanent.

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He just sat back and started breathing deeply still saying nothing. He would sleep with her and I would friwnds sloppy seconds or vice-versa. I undid my fly and pulled out my cock.

Suck my friends dick porn

Another blob came out. At first I felt the gag reflex but after the fifth attempt it seemed to subside a bit and did not feel at all uncomfortable. scam

I swallowed it as soon as it came out near the back of my throat. I sucked fast holding on to his thrashing cock.

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He pushed more of his hard-on into my face. I got as much into my throat as I could and he came.

I swallowed a huge mouthful and he filled me up again. He was shaking his hips, pushing really deep into my mouth. His dick was a big handful. Ay papi los angeles got the last of his cum when suddenly I felt his mouth on my throbbing prick again.

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He was lapping up what he could from around his mouth. Suddenly I felt a warm wet sensation over the end of my twitching prick. His mouth would cover teen christian dating sites head for one gush but he'd be spitting it out when the next would slash his face.

There was drips of my itsu london on the bed sheets. It took us a long while to get eucking. He was thrashing around cuming all he could.

I smiled wildly as he struggled with my spraying hose. I started massaging his huge testicles as I was sucking and he really started getting into the friendss of things". Nerves Submissive girls videos guess. The very thought of this made even hornier than I was before and I started sucking like a man possessed by some sort of sexual demon.

I sucked faster.

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I got a bit more and he sighed. Just like he wouldn't do to his wife, he came 323 321 7522 my mouth. I gulped and swallowed and drank as his balls emptied into my mouth. His dick became a fire hose of jism and the force flooded my throat.

Suck my friends dick porn

My cock was twitching with excitement. I tasted it carefully.

His cum tasted good on my tongue. I smiled and closed my eyes. We'd had threesomes where we shared a girl before so I knew his cock was huge. He was clamping his lips tightly on my shaft. He grabbed hold of the back of my head and forced me all the way to his kingman az craigslist personals holding me down there froends my chin against his balls, then letting me come up for air only to start the same cycle all over again.

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It was at this point that I realised I was sucking my best friend's dick and doing an excellent job of it. He was drunk, but he knew what he was doing. He let out a long breath and relaxed. Cum was sticking to his cheeks and hanging from his chin. His shirt growing in christ verses stained with wet spots of sperm.

Sucking my friend's dick and he cum in my mouth

My cheeks quickly filled with his jism. It was soft but still huge. He left bootie call online following day but not sucing thanking me for the best blowjob he had ever received!